About Us

In 2015 Sandra and I moved from the west end of Glasgow to the southside. At that time I was looking to change careers, fed up with working for “the man”, promoting products and services I didn’t believe in, in a corporate marketing job. I also quickly got fed up with having to travel back to the west end, visiting the sadly departed Hippo Beers, Valhallas and The Cave, to buy beer.

Inspired by those shops, and bottle shops in London who had begun to sell draft beer to take home in reusable growler bottles, I decided to open the first dedicated beer bottle shop in the southside, and what I thought would be the only one in Glasgow offering a growler service.

Unforeseen delays delayed the launch of the shop but we eventually opened in October 2017. The Glasgow beer landscape had changed in that time. Grunting Growler and Good Spirits Beer had opened, Hippo had closed, and closer to home now friends Marchtown and Koelschip Yard had also opened, creating a healthy beer scene in the city, and one that we are proud to be a part of. We are proud to support small and independent breweries in the shop, throughout Scotland and the wider UK, and across the world when we can.

I wanted to become both a destination for serious beer fans and also a local shop servicing the community when they wanted a tasty beer. I’m proud that we have managed to achieve both those aims and we welcome customers from near and far, many of whom have become friends. One of the best things about the shop is the ability to have a blether with like minded people.

We are proudly independent, funded from savings and hard work. For that reason we’ve been constantly developing the shop since we opened as the bank balance allows. And we’ll never stop, constantly tweaking to make things better. 

We have recently stopped our growler refill service, and have been delighted with the response to the delivery service that we now offer to customers in mainland UK.

We’re always looking for fresh new and innovative breweries to add to the shelves and fridges. We’ve also added sections on the shelves for low alcohol and gluten free beers.

Things are difficult in the current pandemic but we continue to sell great beer from our counter at the door and from our website for click & collect or delivery. Hopefully we can see you in the shop soon.