Simple Things Fermentations – Saison


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Simple Things’ approach to a saison has been to subtly layer notes of berry and citrus to a spicy and vinous traditional saison.

What STF say”Ah saison – the archetypal summer beer – parched Belgian farmhands quenching their thirst surrounded by new mown hay. Oh wait, hang on a second … ruffles in filing cabinet. T’is the saison! Fruit and spice flavours assembling in perfect harmony, orange citrus, pepper, clove, is that the piney resin of a Nordmann Fir I detect in there?

OK so when I brewed this saison it wasn’t intended to be a Christmas beer, and let’s be frank, it isn’t a Christmas beer. But it’s fair to say there’s a lot about it that makes it a very suitable choice at this time of year. Golden orange in colour, fuity, floral aroma with notes of blackcurrant, elderflower and orange citrus. Spicy on the palate; white pepper and cloves mingle amicably with a cocktail of big fruit flavours – gooseberry and white grape, banana, blackcurrant and a tangy vinous sharpness. A long, dry finish with lingering residues of fruit and a hint of earthy cedar. Hold the mulled wine, this is the true taste of December, right here.”


330ml bottle